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Cremation And Memorial Services

Our Simple and Affordable Cremation Packages

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Simple Cremation

Our Simple Cremation package includes first, the transportation of your loved one to our facility. Next, we will file all the needed paperwork for the cremation, and then perform the standard cremation process. This process is completed strictly following the State of California’s cremation laws. Our Simple Cremation package does not include any planned services or viewings. Once the cremation process is completed, you will receive the remains of your loved one within five to seven business days. Included with this package is a standard cremation container, but we also offer over a dozen beautifully designed urns for an additional charge. Contact us today for more information!

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When Should You Choose The Simple Cremation Package?

Do you live far away from where your loved one lived in the Concord area? Let our team help lift the burden by transporting your loved one to our facility, filing the paperwork, completing our simple cremation services, and sending the remains to you. From there you can arrange a memorial service closer to where other relatives live.

Not everyone wants a large memorial service to celebrate their life once they have passed. If your loved one’s farewell wish was to keep it simple and sweet, this Simple Cremation package is the one for you. Why spend money at a funeral home for memorial services that you aren’t going to use when you can simply pay for the cremation that your loved one wanted.

Is your loved one’s farewell wish to be scattered at sea? Payless Cremation in Concord makes it easy with this Simple Cremation package and our uniquely made cremation containers for a sea scattering farewell. This type of farewell is not as common, which makes it difficult on the family when planning them. Let us help!

Cremation With Private Farewell

Our Cremation with Private Farewell package starts with the transportation of your loved one to our facility, and the preparation of the body for a private viewing. Our professional staff will arrange and host a private service at our facility. This Private Farewell Service is an hour-long service to allow immediate family members (up to ten people) the chance to say their goodbyes. We have a large selection of caskets that you can choose from for this viewing for an additional charge. Once the viewing has finished, our staff will file the required paperwork, and proceed with the cremation process.

Our cremation process strictly follows the State of California cremation laws. Your loved one’s remains will be sent to you in five to seven business days. A standard cremation container is included with this package, or you can receive one of our urns for an additional charge. We understand that this is a difficult time, let our staff help by planning and handling all the details of a private farewell. Contact us today!

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When Should You Choose The Private Farewell Package?

When a loved one passes away, each person processes it slightly differently. One thing that helps a lot of people get the closure that they need is to view the body and say their last goodbyes. If you think that this would help you or other individuals close to your loved one process this loss, the Cremation with Private Farewell is the right package for you.

There may be some situations that you need to postpone the gathering of everyone for a large memorial service. Our Cremation with Private Farewell allows you to gather immediate family right away, and then celebrate the life of your loved one later on with a larger memorial service. This is common when a lot of family and friends live far away or there is an inability to travel due to weather.

Along with our Simple Cremation, this package would be ideal for those that’s loved one’s farewell wishes was to be scattered at sea. This allows immediate family to gather together and say their goodbyes prior to the scattering of the remains. Once the viewing is done, the cremation and scattering at sea processes can be completed.

Cremation With Public Farewell

Our Cremation with Public Farewell package is the largest and most inclusive package we offer. This package begins with the transportation of your loved one to our facility, then our experienced staff will prepare the body for the viewing. Your loved one will be embalmed, dressed, and placed in a standard rental casket. We also offer a variety of different caskets that you can purchase for an addition charge. Special hairdressing or cosmetics may have additional fees as well. The public farewell of your loved one can take place in our chapel, at a local area church, or another establishment of your choice. If the viewing is arranged to be held outside of our facility, a hearse service will be provided to and from the location of the farewell service. A guest register book will also be provided for family and friends to sign. Once the Public Farewell Service is complete and your loved one is transported back to our facility, our professional staff will proceed with the paperwork and cremation process. This process strictly follows the State of California cremation laws. Don’t add the extra stress of arranging multiple services together to respect the farewell wishes of your loved one, contact Payless Cremation in Concord today for complete cremation and farewell services!

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Why Should You Choose The Public Farewell Package?

Not only is our Cremation with Public Farewell the complete package, it is an affordable cremation option that allows you and your loved one’s family and friends celebrate their life. Losing a loved one is difficult enough as is, you shouldn’t have to deal with extensive funeral costs too.

If you are looking for a complete farewell and cremation services, this package is the best option. As explained above, our Cremation with Public Farewell provides extensive memorial service arrangements, filing of paperwork, and cremation services.

Unlike our Cremation with Private Farewell, this package includes an open visitation period with no maximum amount of people. Our Cremation with Public Farewell also allows you to choose a location that will accommodate for the appropriate amount of people, perfect for large families!

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