Pre-Need Planning Services

Payless Cremation appreciates the opportunity to work with you and your family and shows you how simple cremation can be. Whether you have an immediate need at the time of death or are preplanning cremation for a future need, you are sure to find that our cremation services meet your needs.

Choosing Payless Cremation means choosing a well-planned, affordable cremation by a trusted and experienced cremation provider.

What Is Cremation Pre-Planning:

Pre-need or pre-arrangement services are selected by an individual before they pass away. This can be done any time, it is like estate planning, an individual is taking care of their arrangements before there is a need. Pre-need plans are prepaid in full or throughout time. By preplanning you can make informed decisions versus quick and misinformed decisions You may also customize the services you would like and purchase additional items like cremation Casket and Urn.

The Benefits Of Pre-planning Cremation:

Cremation pre-planning grants your family time to grieve your loss and celebrate your life rather than making confusing decisions. Pre-planning Cremation is one less thing to worry about

Cremation costs significantly less than a traditional funeral and burial service

Planning Cremation gives you full control of deciding the final disposition of your remains

Pre-Paid Cremation Plan:

Pre-paid Cremation plan locks in today’s prices. The advantage of prepaying your funeral cost is that with a “payment in full” we can guarantee your costs. We guarantee that you will never pay more for the selected services than what is in your trust. It’s important to note that all payments collected are placed into a regulated funeral trust. The funeral home does not “keep” your money. It is kept in a trust in your name and payable to the funeral home only at the time of death.